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Demetri Malevitsis

I grew up in Seattle during the end of the grunge era. My musical education began at a very young age from my father. He was in to all sorts of sounds, but mostly hip hop and trip hop. I purchased my first guitar from a garage sale for $50. It was a white on white Squire Stratacaster. Shortly after I moved my focus more to the Bass guitar. I took lessons for five years. During high school I played in many bands and got my first synthesizer and DAW. I bought Cubase 4 and a Novation A-station.

The infancy of Dub-Step honestly inspired me to produce my first tracks. 2006 was an influential year for that, but also the year I decided to attend the Sound Arts Ex’pression College for Digital Arts. I learned so much about recording, sound design, and mixing graduated in 2011.

My dream was always to Produce and Record Hip Hop, but this is an extremely hard industry to break into. So I decided to go in to Film Production Sound. I have worked on many productions over the years, both as an on set sound mixer, and post production supervisor.

In 2017 I finally got to go for my dream of producing a hip hop album. I moved across the country to reconnect with some family and I found an artist that needed a producer and studio. Over six months we wrote and recorded an album together, made a music video, and did a couple shows. It was an amazing experience.

My love for music and sound is always changing and evolving. I’d love to connect on any level.






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